Our team will make sure your car is covered from bumper to bumper. This includes preventive maintenance and diagnostic tests that will uncover even the smallest issue before it becomes a major problem. We are able to test battery cable connection, inspect battery terminals and connectors, voltage and amperage tests, as well as the alternator and starter. The diagnostics program allows to read all of your on board systems and provide you with effective and cost efficient repairs.

Are you in the dark about your car's problems?

You can't fix your vehicle if you don't know what's wrong with it. That's why diagnostics are so important. Luckily, the team at Wills Auto Service has over 40 years of experience in diagnostics. We have the experience and knowledge to identify problems efficiently. Once we find the problem, we'll handle the repair with expertise.

Bring your vehicle to the team at Wills Auto Service today. You can get back on the road faster when you know what your car's problems are.